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Mass Dispossession

Grace Lee Boggs – Education: The Great Obsession

in Collapse of Knowledge/Desertification of Subjective Life/Mass Dispossession/What Is To Be Done

This essay was originally published in the September 1970 issue of Monthly Review.   Education today is a great obsession. It is also a great necessity. We, all of us, black and white, yellow and brown, young and old, men and women, workers and intellectuals, have a great deal to learn about ourselves and about…

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Immanuel Wallerstein and Sasha Lilley: Wallerstein on the End of Capitalism

in Decomposition of State and Representative Institutions/Expressions of Crisis/Mass Dispossession

This interview was originally published by Against the Grain. “Our capitalist world seems mired in crisis, beset by low growth and instability.  Immanuel Wallerstein, the father of world-systems theory, argues that the current malaise goes beyond the periodic fluctuations of the business cycle.  According to him, capitalism’s days are numbered: in 20 to 40 years…

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Maurizio Lazzarato and Éric Alliez: To Our Enemies ( A Nuestros Enemigos – incluído en Español)

in Decomposition of State and Representative Institutions/Desertification of Subjective Life/Global Eliminationist War/Mass Dispossession

Originally published in e-flux. En español aquí. 1. We are living in the time of the subjectivation of civil wars.We did not leave the period of triumph of the market, automation of governmentality, and depoliticization of the economy of debt to go back to the era of “world views” and the conflicts between them. We…

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Kali Akuno: Until We Win: Black Labor and Liberation in the Disposable Era

in Causes of Crisis/Decomposition of State and Representative Institutions/Expressions of Crisis/Global Eliminationist War/Mass Dispossession/What Is To Be Done

This article was originally published Sep 4, 2015 in Counterpunch. Since the rebellion in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014, Black people throughout the United States have been grappling with a number of critical questions such as why are Black people being hunted and killed every 28 hours or more by various operatives of the law?…

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Saskia Sassen: Who owns our cities – and why this urban takeover should concern us all

in Expressions of Crisis/Mass Dispossession

This article was originally published Nov 24, 2015 in The Guardian. Does the massive foreign and national corporate buying of urban buildings and land that took off after the 2008 crisis signal an emergent new phase in major cities? From mid-2013 to mid-2014, corporate buying of existing properties exceeded $600bn (£395bn) in the top 100…

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