Charlottesville, Capitalism, and the Structural Life of White Supremacy

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Members of The Workshop for Intercommunal Study discuss the significance of the recent “Unite the Right Rally” and counter-protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.  We examine the politics of struggles to remove racist monuments, some of the contemporary mechanisms for the reproduction of structural white supremacy and their relation to capitalism, and the significance of these events for Left politics–electoral, and otherwise.


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Time Guides:

0:03:12 – The significance of these racist monuments as well as the dangers and possibilities of a politics with these symbols at its center

0:19:36 – The existence of neo-nazi groups and how white supremacy operates in our society today

0:44:57 –   The connection between structural white supremacy inherent to the dynamics of contemporary capitalism and our national political context, with the Trump phenomenon and the imploding Democratic Party.

1:01:03 – What is the strategy of the Left to end white supremacy and confront capitalist collapse?





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  1. This is a brilliant program! Really hits a lot of deep information and crucial analysis.

    To see an even deeper layer on the real estate gentrification issue you raised, and its fundamental importance to the survival of global finance capitalism, check this out, starting at the 4:28 mark of the video:–ef8?t=268

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